Patient Caretaker Information

Thank you for accompanying our patient today. We would like for you to relax in our waiting room. For your comfort, we have provided complimentary coffee. There is a restroom located in the corner of the waiting room and additional restrooms are located in the main corridor just past the information desk. There are vending machines and a cafeteria at the end of the main corridor to your right. As a courtesy to our patients waiting to have surgery, we ask that you please not bring any food into the waiting room.

The telephone on the wall by the reception desk will be used by our staff to communicate progress reports from the Operating and Recovery rooms. Outside calls are NOT allowed on this phone. Cell phones are not allowed in patient care areas. (We ask that you remain in the waiting room the entire time. However, if you do need to step out, please let the receptionist know.) Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.


PHASE I - Pre-Op: A pre-op nurse will escort only the patient back to the pre-op area. The nurse will review the patient's medical history, record vital signs, get lab work (which will be billed by Memphis Pathology Lab, a division of AEL), start an IV, give any pre-op medications and shave/or scrub the surgical site if necessary. The anesthesiologist will then interview the patient and prepare them for surgery. During this time, you will remain in the waiting room while the patient is prepped for surgery. A family member will be allowed in Pre-Op as time permits. However, parents of minor children will be allowed in Pre-Op with their children.

PHASE II - Operating Room: After the patient is taken to the operating room and the procedure has started, the OR nurses will call on the phone in the waiting room to let you know the status of your family member/friend. Please answer the phone when it rings, it might be for you. The length of this phase varies considerably and depends upon the patient's procedure. Your family member's physician may come speak with you at the conclusion of the procedure.

PHASE III - Recovery: Once the procedure is complete, the patient will be taken to the recovery room. The patient will be in recovery anywhere from 30 minutes up to two hours depending upon the procedure. (The average stay in recovery is around one hour.) The recovery room nurse will monitor the patient throughout this time and contact the family when it is time to come back to the recovery room. Directions to the recovery room: take a right out of the waiting room into the main corridor, turn right again by the elevators and continue into the next hallway. Go all the way to the end of the hall following the RECOVERY signs. You will take a right at the double doors. A nurse will then direct you to your family member's bedside.

PHASE IV - Discharge: Once the patient has recovered from surgery and meets the criteria to be discharged, a nurse will go over post-op discharge instructions and medications, discharging the patient to the care of a responsible adult/family member.

Thanks for choosing Baptist Germantown Surgery Center for your healthcare.